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We're Launching May 11-27th!


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...Are You Ready?

Join Activation Products This MAY —
To Launch Our Revolutionary NEW
“EASE” Transdermal Magnesium

We're Giving Away $30,000 CASH, PLUS:

(*On TOP of All Affiliate Commissions)

EASE - is Activation's new upgraded Magnesium Line
to be released the week of May 20th, 2015!




Re: Activation to launch new "EASE" May 11-27th

Are You Ready?

We're ready to TOP our last 7-figure launch -- and we want you to CASH IN!

Like never before.

Because here's the thing... WE NEED YOU!

So here's the deal...


We're Launching Our New EASE Product -- And It's Going to Go Off WITH A BANG!

Like we did last year with OCEANS ALIVE -- we've now completely re-formulated our Magnesium Spray - into a new upgraded formula called EASE that's going to revolutionize the health community -- and we're releasing a "FREE-TRIAL", along with paid versions with FREE-SHIPPING -- limited to a "one-week window" only -- the week of May 20th!

(*Following the launch, the product will continue to sell - but the free-trial and all launch discounts will be lifted)

EASE is our same great transdermal Magnesium, but upgraded and imprinted energetically with Borax -- for enhanced uptake!

You'll also notice we've upgraded to an 8oz bottle - DOUBLING THE SIZE, but leaving the price the same!

We've also added organic scented versions, along with DEEP SOAK BATH upgrades, "magic magnesium deodorants", and highly-conducive integrated upsells your prospects will love!

(*We've already sent you a bottle of EASE -- to your home - to arrive shortly!)

But in the meantime, we are filled with great anticipation and excitement as the time approaches to work with you launching EASE and it's adjacent new product line!

We're going to be letting the public get their hands on it for the first time, May 20th.

It's a darn-great privilege to work with you, in getting this out to the public!

So when you join us for the official LAUNCH...


Here's What We've Got For You:

We wanted to RAISE THE BAR and really put together some special prize-incentives for you!

And like our last launch, we wanted to ensure EVERYONE who puts hard effort in gets REWARDED!

That’s why we’ve decided - we're going to give...





*1st Place:

$10,000 CASH + Clearlight 4-Person
Cedar Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna!
($6,000 value!)

*2nd Place:

$5,000 CASH + Clearlight 2-Person
Infrared Sauna! ($3,000 value!)

*3rd Place:

$2,500 CASH + Clearlight 1-Person
Infrared Sauna! ($2,500 value!)

*4th Place:

$1,500 CASH + Curve Infrared Sauna Dome!
($2,000 value!)

*5th Place:

$1,000 CASH + Curve Infrared Sauna Dome!
($2,000 value!)


TOP 6-10:

6th Place:

$750 CASH + New MACBOOK!
($1,299 value!)

7th Place:

$500 CASH + New MACBOOK!
($1,299 value!)

8th Place:

$400 CASH + New MACBOOK!
($1,299 value!)

9th Place:

$300 CASH + New MACBOOK!
($1,299 value!)

10th Place:

$250 CASH + New MACBOOK!
($1,299 value!)


TOP 11-15:

Places 11-15th:

Apple Watch Sport + $200 CASH!
($400 value!)


TOP 16-20:

Places 16-20th:

New Apple Watch SPORT!
($400 value!)






*1st Place:

$2,500 CASH + Sensory Deprivation Float Tank! ($1,700 value!)

*2nd Place:

$1,000 CASH + Sensory Deprivation Float Tank! ($1,700 value!)

*3rd Place:

$500 CASH + Sensory Deprivation Float Tank! ($1,700 value!)



What's More -- We're UPPING OUR GAME!

Last year with our OCEANS ALIVE 2.0 launch, we didn't do too shabby...

Considering we launched a $39 product, and exceeded 7-figures in sales. And we have big-shoes to fill with our previous launch - considering our highest converting partner converted at click-to-sale at just under 16%!!

But we need to raise the bar to keep up with your satisfaction, as one of our killer promoters!

So here's some of what we're incorporating...


We'll be deploying a "Magnesium-Deficiency" QUIZ & eBOOK -- to create interest & DEMAND!

At the beginning of pre-launch, we'll be deploying a "FREE QUIZ" - so your prospects can get a general idea of "how Magnesium deficient" they are! *They'll also be able to download a Magnesium eBOOK to further learn the importance of this critical nutrient.

This will establish demand for this critical nutrient and thus result in more commissions come open!

*We'll be holding a separate prize contest for "most quiz takers"


MORE Pre-Selling marketing material - to maximize sales conversion!

Moving up to "launch day", we'll be educating all prospects with valuable information about our new EASE Magnesium supplement, along with "desire-building" content & emails.

This will establish further understanding for the value of the product, thus increasing conversions!


Ian on Video:

Ian is stepping into the spotlight, on film, to personally inform, deliver and promise what this product can offer and do for the customer and their precious health.

This step in transparency has already proven to boost sales conversions for us!


Multi-Video Sales Process & Presentation:

Our entire launch will consists of congruently-sequenced and filmed videos to aid the sales process. As proven in our OA launch, this will increase interest and conversion!


MORE Integrated Upsells, Cross-Sells & Down-Sells for Maximum Conversion Revenue!

For this launch, we'll be integrating multi-pronged UPSELLS for each customer you send us!

Ultimately, this should not only raise the bar -- but also BOOST YOUR COMMISSIONS!


Long-Copy Text Sales Letter:

-- EXIT POPS: We aren't letting your commissions get away! We'll be using an exit-offer, as well as "long-copy" traditional style text sales letter - for sales that abort our sales video presentation!


POST-LAUNCH Follow-Up Ascention Campaign!

Your commissions WON'T stop at close of launch... we'll be running extensive follow-up campaigns -- to introduce our other main product lines, and thus convert your prospect & customers into additional sales & commissions for you! *Remember: your customers will be tagged ongoing - and you will receive all commissions on continual auto-ship sales as well!


...What does all this mean?

Bottom line - is it all means there's a LOT MORE SALES & COMMISSIONS FOR YOU to receive!

We're putting a lot into this launch and want to make it as exciting & rewarding for you as possible!

So if this all sounds great to you,

Here's What To Do NEXT...

1.) The first thing you'll want to do is MARK YOUR CALENDAR!

PRE-LAUNCH begins on May 11th, and final-mailing day will commence on May 27th!

Below, is a visual for you of all highlighted promotional dates:


2.) Next, please contact VJ and let her know YOU’RE IN!

You want to make sure VJ knows you’re in, so she can ensure you receive all swipe email copy - leading up to pre-launch, launch day, and launch week!


3.) If you have any questions, or need anything, please contact VJ below - or reach out to us!


VJ's Contact Information;

VJ Khalsa
Affiliate & JV Manager
Activation Products
Direct: 505-490-0150
Skype: vj.khalsa
Email: vj@activationproducts.com



Let's EASE into some MASSIVE PROFITS together!

And once again...



Ian Clark & Activation Team




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